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"Zachary Mortensen's whip-smart plot interweaves corporate terrorism with street-level heroics."
- R.C. Baker

Hawk and Nikko in Issue 06 - "Moeketsi"

After 20 years of independence, District 08 is threatened by uber-developer Dane Brennan who plans to build a luxury skyscraper behind their walls.

Detail of Issue 08 Cover the Gatecrashers

Issue 11

Issue 11 is complete and will be up on your favorite platform soon.  All our current issues are available at Amazon.com and also collected in three trade paperbacks.

Issue 12 is in production with art by Jimmy Cordatto!

The Gatecrashers Issue 11

Sneak Peak

This is the wraparound cover art for Issue 11, by Jimmy Cordatto and Thiago Rocha.


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