a ghost robot world

Book Three

Book Three

88 Pages

Trade Paperback Book Three from The Gatecrashers series. This trade collects issues 08 – 10.

Oct 2019

After the events in Book Two, Hex Spencer’s Gatecrashing career continues to be an uphill struggle with a revolving door of less than awesome partners. Meanwhile, across town in the City District, super industrialist Dane Brennan is bored without his illicit wetware business. He wants his silent partner, District Leader Hawk, to find new wetwork sources to exploit. With the election of super-conservative mayor Girlie Warren, the entire city is on a collision course with chaos and Hex continues to be drawn into the middle of it all.

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Zachary Mortensen


Phil Buckenham & James Cordatto

Cover Art

James Cordatto / Art
Thiago Rocha / Color


Diana Williams