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Estefan Hawk

ESTEFAN HAWK [45 years old] was born in District 11 on April 4, 2000, 20 years  after the Traffic Gate System (TGS) went into effect. First Generation Gates (First Gen) and the son of working class parents, Estefan was a star student, graduating CUPC’s medical school in just three years – entering the workforce in 2024 just after the District Culture Clashes had run their course. To impress Mr. Stacy, the man running District 11, he created the first recognized Wetwork and eventually became Mr. Stacy’s go-to shop for Wetwork. Upon Mr. Stacy’s death, Estefan, now known simply as “Hawk”, took over District 11. As Stacy’s right hand man he built a reputation as a smart, tough, ruthless businessman. He helped build and take over a collection of businesses, the most profitable beingwetware shops and racks.

Name: Estefan Hawk
District 10