a ghost robot world



Fins began as purely decorative, delicate metal mesh microfibre stretched on hollow telescoping spines 2 to 5 inches long. Originally they were barely anchored to the skin and later iterations found their way into the muscle.  Their first home was in the pages of fashion magazines and couture runways.  By the time they were adopted by the street they were infinitely more crude, and resembled the fins on a robot fish.  Initially decorative, street fins usually ran down the outside of the forearm or across the top of a person’s head like a mohawk. As demand increased, fins became more dynamic adding further movement and control via electro-remotes. The next evolution then passed on response and control via muscle stimulus.


Fins run the gamut, from delicate earring-like temporary appendages on the cheeks of District 05’s society women, to the brutal underground fighting rings where a balletic martial-art has emerged around reinforced titanium alloy blades which are fused to metal core-radius bones creating a lethal ‘fighting fans’.

Fans / Blades / Wings