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Guillermo Caballero

caballero_700x400_city_bgGUILLERMO CABALLERO [56 years old] was the first street surgeon to make a public shift to crime lord and District Leader. He is the meanest of the mean and the most powerful man in District 20 – if not all of Palomar City. His lair is The Hacienda, a menacing monolithic city-of-a-building, encompassing the equivalent of four city blocks. On its perch above City River it is the darkest, scariest structure in Palomar City, a place where even the police fear to tread. And Caballero lords over all from his residence on the top floor.

An orphan, Caballero grew up in the decrepit and pathetic group homes of District 20. He struggled as a shy, tall gangly youth, doing his best to fade into the background, but that is nearly impossible in a city that dares you to survive. At 13 years old, he started working as a night janitor in a free-clinic and emergency room. A naturally brilliant kid, Caballero ingratiated himself to the staff and very quickly was allowed to help on more medical related duties. With recommendations from the hospital staff he was accepted to City University Medical School and entered as a freshman with six years of practical medical experience. He graduated out of medical school straight into the bloody and polarizing culture clashes of 2004. Caballero returned to the Free Clinic and in a scant few years managed to take complete control and ownership of not just the Clinic but the building. It became his first seat of power and the first property in his quest for  total control of District 20. Today Caballero is both a reluctant participant at political gatherings throughout the City as well as an unwelcome guest as no one, including City Hall, can ignore the size and scope of his empire and the power of the population of District 20.
Name: Guillermo Caballero
Age: 56
Gender: Male
Home: District 20

Wetwork: Skins / Fins
Favorite Team:Hacienderos – District 20
(He’s the owner)