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District 08

District 08DISTRICT 08

Throughout the history of Palomar City, District 08 has as always been an economically depressed and forgotten zone, an actual lowlands in the shadow of the capital, down the hill from it’s rich neighbors in Districts 05 and 09. District 08’s ports lost favor in the late 1920s as District 09’s industrial influence skyrocketed. The great construction boom of skyscrapers in the 50’s and 60’s passed it by. It’s skyline is low, turn-of-the-century buildings surrounded by layer upon layer of sprawling squatter cities, which climb precaiously higher into the air every day on unstable, makeshift foundations.

The Rothman Skyway has no exits in District 08. During the Culture Clashes of the 90’s the refugees from other districts flocked to the marshlands around the disused waterfront and shanty towns were born. District 08’s independence was born not of activism, but by City Hall’s objection to building and supporting infrastructure for it’s disaffected masses. Unlike the dictatorial district leaders of the other Independent Districts, District 08’s poverty became it’s rallying point, a common hardship, and from this it’s governing committee was born. The D08 Committee is constantly at odds with its spirit and identity of independence and its desire to re-join the City for services and infrastructure.