a ghost robot world


Ambulances, nicknamed “sleds” by the Gatecrashers that drive them, transformed along with their duty. These utilitarian vehicles underwent their biggest transformation during the Culture Clashes of the 2000’s. After a rash of Ambulance hijackings, every sled on the street now has a biometric ignition system,  so that only a certified Gatecrasher can turn it on and drive. Dispatchers added armor plating to fend off the continual pummeling by debris thrown from roofs and launched from makeshift canons and urban catapults. Years later as relative peace returned to the City, the armor became a functional anti-theft and vandalism device.  Higher-end sleds have both reactive armor plates and retracting window and wheel coverage. When they stop, reinforced door pistons jam into place and armored shields slide out to cover any glass while titanium-weave carbon hoods drop over each tire. Most sleds have basic life support and medical facilities on board.