a ghost robot world



What is it?

A near-future sci-fi transmedia storyworld.
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What is the world?

Palomar City is an overpopulated, tightly-packed, American mega-city. The stories in this near-future sci-fi world rocket from the dangerous, high-octane lifestyle of the Gatecrashers, to the back-stabbing politics of city hall and the street alike, from behind the doors of Palomar General, the busiest public emergency room in the world, to the illicit wetware markets in the Independent Districts.
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What is this site?

The website is the starting point for everything in The Gatecrashers’ universe. Story, characters, other media, merchandise and anything else that plays in this storyworld will first be found here. More questions about this site? Contact us!

What can I check out first?

You can read the first 15 pages online. Then check it out in print or digital on Comixology.
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What is next?

Issues 5, 6 & 7 are in production!

Who’s involved?

Creator = Zachary Mortensen
Producer = Diana Williams
Artist = Sutu.

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How will I know when new content is posted?

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Are you looking for collaborators?

We are not currently ‘hiring’ but we are open to reviewing portfolios and submissions. Get in touch through the contact form. But please do not send any unsolicited story ideas. We review work samples and queries only.

What’s your favorite charity?

Able Gamers, please consider supporting them with a donation. Every dollar counts.