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Dane Brennan

Dane Brennan is a fifth generation oligarch to shipping and real estate behemoth Brennan/Steiner. The Brennans have controlled the docks in District 09 for almost 100 years and with it almost 80% of the Port traffic in Palomar City. They are also landlords to a massive amount of the commercial and residential real estate in the Tiffany Districts 05 and 04. It’s at one’s own detriment to underestimate him as just a “silver spoon”. The continual decay of the City has made Port management a more dangerous – and lucrative – job. So Dane is looking for his next move to claim his place in the family dynasty.


Name: Dane Brennan
Age: 68
Gender: Male
Home: District 05
Wetwork: Scrubbers
Favorite Team: North City United FC
(He owns the team)