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Company: Splitfin S.A.

Splitfin S.A.

Splitfin S.A. is a Brazilian multinational corporation with operations in Sao Palo, Palomar City, Frankfurt, Istanbul and Tehran. They license bio-medical designs and 3D bioware fabrication plots to third parties. Splitfin has a 48% market share in bio-interface rights-protection. The medical rights protection and rights-managed neuro-interface market is a US$38bn annual business.

The majority of the Splitfin consumer market is wetware white-labeled for rebranding by insurance companies and hospitals.  Many of their products are printed or fabricated on-site at clinics and hospitals using Romy-Tech bio-med materials.

One of Splifin’s major clients is Romy Industries. Pike Street has had a love-hate outlook on this corporate relationship. Many question the decision to have such a major reliance on Romy Industries materials and distribution channels. A reported 40% of their revenue is derived from Romy licenses.

Splitfin S.A. is slated to complete construction on it’s Palomar City headquarters in fall 2044, the tower rises 78 stories above District 04.

Splifin Corporate Tower, Palomar City, USA.