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Book Two

A Night of Gatecrashing Book Two Cover

A Night of Gatecrashing: Book Two

Issues 5 – 7 Compiled in this trade paperback

104 Pages

Hex Spencer has a lot on her mind and to top it off she just landed the biggest slick of her career. She has to run a suitcase full of eyeballs round-trip from the Hawk’s Nest to a Tiffany-class tech company in District 04, a city district. But, this slick is just what she’s been looking for, a big one with a big payday. She’s counting on this job to cover her mother’s relentless hospital bills and give her a springboard out of the slicking game.

Book two jumps in one year before the District 8 protest bombing, before Hex has begun her Gatecrashing career. We land in the glass-clad towers of District 04, Palomar’s Silicon Alley: home to some of the biggest corporations in the world and the most expensive real estate in Palomar City, if not the world.

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Zachary Mortensen




Diana Williams