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Gyroscopic Stretcher

I love it when I find a real-world version of Gatecrashers tech I dreamed up. I’ve been thinking about a lightweight stretcher with mono-pod caster and gyroscopic gimbals to help Gatecrashers get through the tight and twisty buildings and streets of Palomar City.

from James Dyson Awards:


What It Does
With it, you can move patients faster & smoothly, preventing secondary damage to the injury.
The patient stays horizontal no matter how you hold it or how fast you run. So when stretcher-bearers are rushing out ferrying a wounded, it ensures safety.

The Inspiration
A camera stabilizer is a device designed to hold a camera in a manner that prevents or compensates for unwanted camera movement, such as “camera shake”.
Inspired by its structure, 360° Balance Stretcher has rugged all-terrain handling by using gyroscopes to sense disruptive motion and using 3 individual motors to balance the system. So it has the ability to stabilize the patients when moving vigorously in emergency preventing secondary damage. Modular engineering and compact design makes it easy to produce and assemble. This allows a reasonable hardware cost which is much lower than the cost of suffering treatment for secondary damage.

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Kowloon Video

Ok, two things going on here.

1. A Japanese game company has built a faux Kowloon City in an warehouse/office tower in Kawasaki, Japan.

“Anata no Warehouse, a few minutes walk from Kawasaki Station, is the creation of a Japanese games company that decided the Walled City would make the perfect backdrop to a video-game arcade. Tokyo-based photographer Said Karlsson shot images from outside and inside the game center, which spans four floors, and has all the latest titles, a dedicated retro game corner and a floor with darts and billiards.”


2. This video above is something by Wall Street Journal, a look back at what Kowloon was.





Background Image

This background image is concept art for District 99, aka Rivertown. The artwork was done by Sutu, who created the award-winning web series NAWLZ.


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