This is my creator’s blog for The Gatecrashers project. The Gatecrashers is a storyworld,  that I have been developing for a few years. The Gatecrashers is set in Palomar City, a near-future third-world American mega-city. The story revolves around the dangerous, high-octane lifestyle of Ambulance drivers – called Gatecrashers.

Why the Garage? Because that’s where the Gatecrashers have to return every single night. That’s where the sleds get fixed, tricked out and hosed down after every shift. The Garage is on the street and that’s where all the ideas come from. Walking around and keeping my eyes open. Palomar City is the world we all live in, it’s my city, meets your city, meets Paris, meets Tokyo, meets Mexico City, meets Hong Kong, meets Mumbai, and many, many more.

The Garage is where I go to drop ideas and talk about how we’re building The Gatecrashers universe. The Garage is ground zero for the discussion of how real-world issues translate into storyworld ideas.

Check back from time to time, or drop me line.