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I really just wanted to post the video from this article, but Fast Company doesn’t allow for embeded videos. So here’s a link. This is how it starts; tattoos, nose jobs, boob jobs, tucks, nips, lifts, implants, elective amputation and augmentation….

Read the story here: Fast Company

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Circuit Board Tattoos

This one just in from Gizmodo.

Hacking always jumps tech from it’s original use to a new application:

The Tech Tats will certainly take your cyborg cosplay to a whole new level, butChaotic Moon Studios actually developed them for medical monitoring purposes. Instead of wearing a temporary (and cumbersome) chest strap or arm cuff to monitor a patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, or other vitals, a circuit board tattoo could be applied to their arm that would wirelessly communicate with a smartphone app to keep tabs on them.



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Robotic Spider Dress

Cool looking wearable tech.

From The Designer:

“3-D printed sensor based animatronic/mechatronic dress enabled by the Intel Edison acts as the interface between the body and the external world using technology and the garment as a medium of interaction. Testing-phase. The design will be showcased during CES alongside the Synapse dress for Intel, January 6-9th in Las Vegas, soon more…”

This one in via KillScreen:

“Generally seen on the bodies of tall sinewy models, Anouk’s work sits at the intersection of fashion and wearables. It bumps shoulders with plenty of other disciplines as well—in particular, videogames. Once you put clothing with feedback sensors on your body, something as simple as wearing a flannel shirt becomes an exercise in onboard interface. More specifically, her creations “use a lot of animalistic features that people can relate to.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 4.52.58 PM

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Motorola’s Digital Tattoos

It seems everyday I can say, “the future is here.” I know this one is from last year, but it’s awesome. What I love about tech is how people reverse engineer it and turn it into something new. This one has a lot of potential. Motorola has created a digital tattoo for unlocking your phone.

Read more over here at SlashGear.

IMAGES: Dr Todd Coleman; mc10

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FDA Approved Bionic Arm

via The Verge

early eight years ago, DARPA, the US Defense Department’s advanced research agency, set out to find a better solution for amputees than the metal hooks still widely used today. Now, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted its approval to one of the projects that came from that effort: a mind-controlled prosthetic limb called the DEKA Arm. A number of other scientists and engineers around the world are working on similar devices, but this is the first such prosthetic to get FDA approval. The prosthetic device comes from a company founded by Segway inventor Dean Kamen, and it is roughly the size and weight of an adult arm.





Background Image

This background image is concept art for District 99, aka Rivertown. The artwork was done by Sutu, who created the award-winning web series NAWLZ.


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