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Sneakheads in Chinatown

I read this article years ago and it has really stuck with me. Especially considering I now live blocks from East Broadway.  This article is the inspiration for Rivertown. Read it. I was just mining it for some numbers and came across this:

East Broadway became known as “Fuzhou Street,” and the Chinatown shorthand for new arrivals was “eighteen-thousand-dollar men,” after the snakehead rate in the eighties.

The New Yorker
A Reporter at Large
The Snakehead
The criminal odyssey of Chinatown’s Sister Ping.

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Container City

The inhabitants of Rivertown surely did their homework and caught wind of the artsy, high class version of lowdown living. (okay they definitely didn’t do any homework). But this is a great visual model of what stacks of shipping containers can look like as they are re-purposed into living quarters. I doubt the refugees in Rivertown would have access to beautiful 36″ circular windows and ikea flooring. But, I like the open doors to create balconies and entrances.

Here’s some more from wikipedia.

Here’s a link to the project site itself:

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Background Image

This background image is concept art for District 99, aka Rivertown. The artwork was done by Sutu, who created the award-winning web series NAWLZ.


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